I am a Copywriter
My name is Danny and I am a copywriter, which means I get paid to copywrite.

I’ve copywritten for ad agencies, big and small.

I’ve copywritten for companies you know - like Hyundai, Kia, Snickers, Miller Light and M&M’s - and companies you don’t. I won’t name any, because you probably don’t know them.

I’ve copywritten a few things that won some awards…and lot of things that didn’t.

I’ve copywritten things that I had to present. Things that clients loved and things that needed revisions. I then copywrote those revisions. 

I’ve copywritten concepts with the help of a graphic designer, who then graphic designed said concepts. This is my favorite kind of copywriting. 

I’ve copywritten late at night. I’ve even had to wake up early to finish copywriting something. This is my least favorite kind of copywriting.

Finally, I copywrote this cover letter. Took me longer than I’d like to admit, but if you like it, give me a call. Maybe I can copywrite something for your company. 

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